Essential Benefit: Pediatric Vision

Avesis' Pediatric Vision program entitles all Health Exchange

Members under the age of 19 to a comprehensive eye exam,

which screens for diseases and corrects any visual acuity

deficiencies to ensure a happy, productive childhood. All children

are eligible for a pair of frames and spectacle lenses or contact

lenses. For those Health Plans intending to use the FEDVIP

standard benefits as a benchmark, the program provides a frame

with a retail value of $130 or Contact lenses up to an allowance

of $130. Spectacle lenses include polycarbonate material for

added eyewear safety as well as scratch coating.

Essential Benefit: Pediatric Dental

Avesis' Dental program provides all Health Exchange Members

under the age of 19 a full spectrum of Preventive, Diagnostic

and Restorative services as well as limited Orthodontia as

required by PPACA. Routine exams, cleanings, fluoride

treatments and sealants supported with bitewing x-rays produce

healthy smiles from healthy kids. Innovative programs are

employed to reduce expenses and improve outcomes on more

involved restorative services.

Value Added: Family Vision Plan

Parents and Adults with no children also benefit from regular eye

exams. Heath Plans wanting to attract members can elect to add

Avesis' Family Vision Plan. Annual eye exams can be coupled

with a covered frame and spectacle lenses or contact lenses.

Or a discount vision care material plan can be substituted as an

accompaniment with the regular eye exam.

Value Added: Family Dental Plan

Dental care is integral to a member's overall health. Dental

conditions and poor oral health can impact the entire body and

further aggravate systemic diseases such as diabetes and heart

disease. Through a comprehensive Family Dental Plan,

healthcare costs reduce and quality of life improves. Plans can

choose to Elevate their members' dental coverage from a

selection of plan designs beginning with a Preventive Only Plan

through to a full comprehensive offering including orthodontia.

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