Avesis Introduction

With over 36 years of experience building solutions for more than 10,000 employer groups, over 20 health plans, and numerous state and government affiliations, Avesis is recognized as a company who delivers quality vision care at affordable premiums to more than 8.5 million members.

Organizations have different needs. Avesis offers hundreds of plan designs that have been created over the years to fit the demands of a diverse workforce. One of the defining elements of the success of the Avesis vision care solution is our flexibility to customize a plan to meet the vision care requirements of any organization.

Avesis members have access to one of the most comprehensive vision care networks in the industry. By contracting nearly 50,000 points of access (private practice and retail chains), Avesis can deliver excellent coverage, a high quality of care, and nationwide choices to our members. READ MORE

Our members receive one of the best values in vision care. They also have a benefit that is easy to use. With convenient online tools and friendly customer service staff readily available, members can get the most out of their vision care benefit and maximize their chances of remaining healthy.

Quick Avesis Facts

  • In Business Since 1978
  • Independent Providers and Chain Providers
  • Over 53,000 Points of Access Nationwide
  • Millions of Members Covered
  • Underwriter is rate A- by AM Best Rating MORE
  • Multiyear Rate Guarantee
  • Straightforward Underwriting down to 5 Lives
  • Easy-to-use web tools for all users

Vision Plan Introduction

The Avesis plans are designed to provide your clients with some of the most flexible design options in the industry. Each plan provides coverage for vision examinations, spectacle lenses, frames, contact lenses. and even Refractive Laser Surgery.

Employer groups can choose to offer these sought after benefits on an employer paid, 50/50 or the option that is fast becoming the most popular among employers - voluntary.

Materials Only and Exam Only plans are also available for employer groups who offer a vision exam or materials coverage bundled within their medical package. These options will complete the employer's offering, providing members with a full service vision care package.

Refractive Laser Surgery has been a popular procedure over the past few years. Avesis is one of the few carriers that offer plan members an option of using a one-time/lifetime funded option toward Refractive Laser Surgery services. When using one of Avesis contracted surgeons, members can receive up to a 25% additional discount on Refractive Laser Surgery services prior to the funded allowance being applied.

In addition, members will receive unlimited discounts for any purchase made through an Avesis participating provider.

Advantage Enhanced

The Advantage Enhanced plans is a great (low option) introductory plan, best suited for groups who may be looking to install their first vision benefit offering. This option provides coverage for:

  • Vision Examinations
  • Standard Lenses
  • Frames
  • Contact Lenses
  • Refractive Laser Surgery

Advantage Plus

The Advantage Plus plans (high option) provide the best coverage options. With a higher allowance for materials, the member can maximize their vision correction choices.

  • Vision Examinations
  • Standard Lenses
  • Frames
  • Contact Lenses
  • Refractive Laser Surgery

The Avesis Approach

Up until now, you may have view all managed vision care companies to be pretty much the same. Each has a contracted network of providers, coverage for exams, vision correction materials and variety of price points and coverage levels. While this is true, not all is created equal among the carriers. See below to see how Avesis can be your trusted partner when offering group vision care to your clients.

Our Commitment

Since we have brokers, agents and consultants across the country, Avesis has several regional office locations that allow us to provide a more personal touch to helping our partners market and sell group vision. We have seasoned sales professionals and an Account Management team that are readily accessible to you and your clients.

Who We Cover

Employers today range in all sizes and have requirements that may fit the Avesis model and some that may not. Our current clients range in size to as few as five enrolled to as many as 30,000. With a diverse client mix such as this, Avesis understands how to structure the correct plan designs and effectively administer accounts for practically any industry or company size.

Experienced Vision Professionals

The core of our success centers on the decades of industry knowledge gained at every level of the organization. From sales, to customer service, claims and provider recruiting, Avesis team members are all highly trained with years of experience to support their day to day activities. Our long standing values of giving our customers the care and support they expect has allowed us to have a minimal turn rate, with a high percentage of long term customers. In fact, a high percentage of new Avesis business comes from organizations who were dissatisfied with the level of service provided by their former carrier.

The First Step

You are just minutes away from being ready to market Avesis vision plans to all of your group clients. A quick registration is required to access the Avesis broker portal. There you will find a suite of tools tailored to give you instant access to quoting and other administrative functions.


Upon login you will have the freedom to do an instant quick quote. This tool is popular among brokers and agents who are looking to introduce their clients to a low option vision plan pre-defined with one of the more popular vision plan copayment options.

If your clients require more than the limited plan features of the quick quote, the Request for Proposal tool will give you the control to design the components of the vision plan that best suits the requirements of your clients. You can select up to 6 unique plan designs, providing more options for your clients to select from and increase your chances of making the sale.

The request will be instantly processed by one of our senior sales professionals and sent back to you, usually within minutes of your request. The sales review process gives Avesis the opportunity to make any adjustments or professional recommendations based on the criteria you entered into the request form.

The proposal will clearly outline all aspects of the vision program and provide rates and benefit elections on one concise rate sheet for you and your clients to evaluate.

Your First Sale with Avesis

Congratulations! You have taken the first step toward introducing Avesis vision plans to your clients. Upon acceptance of the Avesis proposal, your clients will be asked to fill out a group application. Concurrently, we would begin our agent appointment process with our underwriting partner. The good news is Avesis covers any fees associated with your initial appointment. So there is no up front cost to getting started with the Avesis program. We will even provide assistance with completing the paperwork in order to expedite your submission.

At this point, the group would be turned over to our experienced implementation team who will take care of all set-up items, to include enrollment materials and group administrative items.

Potential Opportunity

Now that you have sold a group with Avesis, let's evaluate what you can earn by incorporating a stand-alone vision plan into more of your group clients. Below is a revenue calculator that will illustrate the unlimited yearly earning opportunities.