Providers work with millions of Avesis members each year to provide the care they need to remain healthy. While servicing these members, providers have many options to choose from to give the best care and attention they each deserve and help preserve our environment at the same time.

Just a few steps to begin working greener are listed below.

Submit Claims Online

Providers shouldn't overlook the ease, convenience and accuracy of submitting claims to Avesis electronically. This powerful online feature is available to all Avesis providers and when used, will drastically minimize the amount of paper to process claims. With millions of claims submitted each year - imagine the environmental savings that could be achieved.

Alternative Member Eligibility Verification

It's important to note that a member ID card is not a guarantee of service or eligibility. When members present themselves as an Avesis member this information should be verified through the Avesis website, IVR - 866-234-4806 or toll-free customer service line - 800-952-6674.

Your Opinion Matters

Avesis values the opinion of our provider partners. Your participation makes our program one of the most widely accepted plans in the nation. As we continue to work together to bring health and happiness to so many, let's also focus our attention to becoming more aware of how we can find more environmentally responsible ways to share information.