Don't think you can make a difference? Consider that Avesis currently covers just over 3.5 million members just like you. With this number of people working together just imagine what can be accomplished.

Just a few steps to begin working greener are listed below.

Member ID cards - Not required

There is no need to carry an additional card in your wallet. With the Avesis plan an ID card is not required to receive eligible services. Providers will be able to locate your eligibility status and plan details through one of the many access mechanisms available to them.

Online ID cards

If you still like the idea of having an ID card, one can be obtained from the Member portal of the Avesis website. By simply logging in, you will be able to print a personalized paper ID card with your unique group and plan information. No envelope or additional paper wasted.

Your Opinion Matters

If everyone did one small thing to help save the environment, we would immediately see a difference in the global campaign to create and maintain a healthier planet. When you want to use your vision benefits, be mindful of ways you can save or reduce unnecessary waste. You can also encourage your employer to develop a green or recycling program. These are just a few ideas that you can personally do to show your support.