We want to make a difference

Avesis has always delivered straightforward, easy to use solutions that help keep our members happy and healthy. Our valued partners have always enjoyed our streamlined approach to doing business and often compliment us on our forward thinking.

Whenever possible we use technology to minimize or eliminate our dependency on paper and other consumables. We have adopted this policy as a corporate core value and strive to expand our commitment to becoming a more Earth-Friendly company through deploying programs that will enable YOU - our valued partner to participate in this worthy venture.

You can help!

So what can you do? Maybe you also share in our passion to preserve the resources of our planet. We have many initiatives that enable our brokers, groups, members and providers to continue to receive the same great service and benefits they have come to expect from Avesis, while lessening the negative impact on the earth. What better way to increase your own green movement than to team up with your vendors and partners to help save what we all care about - OUR PLANET!


Every little bit helps. Brokers can choose to receive and distribute electronic quotes instead of printed paper copies.

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Our Group Clients can make the most significant impact on reducing wasteful paper products by going 100% digital.

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Members can do their part too. With the group's decision to forgo ID cards, members can locate their pertinent plan details online.

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Providers also have the option to go paperless. Online claim submission is quick, easy and eco-friendly.

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What Avesis is doing today

Over the years Avesis has made significant progress toward becoming more eco-friendly. For example, we’ve adopted a corporate philosophy to make being "GREEN" a daily part of each staff member's work day. Simple ideas such as a corporate wide recycling program, the increased use of recycled materials, and when appropriate - printing on both sides of a page. These ideas are just a few of the many initiatives that are instituted today.

What's on the horizon

We understand that nothing happens overnight and it will take time to build momentum. With your participation, we will move one step closer to reducing OUR environmental footprint . Avesis will continue to expand our programs to find more ways to conserve, reuse and recycle.

  • One of the first steps to promoting environmental awareness was to implement a corporate recycling program. Avesis uses nationally recognized recycling companies to manage the proper disposal of our paper and plastic products. We will continue to monitor our paper product use and develop new strategies for reduction and recycling.
  • Avesis uses recycled paper products for our internal and external printing.
  • Janatorial supplies are purchased for each Avesis office with careful consideration for the environment.
  • We will be looking to work with partners who also share our dream of becoming eco-friendly. An on-going evaluation of our vendors and their green practices are on-going.
  • Avesis publishes a monthly internal newsletter to promote new and innovative ways to greener living in the workplace and at home. This is an evolving initiative and more staff members are adopting these principles as a way of life.
  • Energy conservation is also important to living green. Avesis implemented a standard for temperature control for each office to drastically reduce our consumption in heating and cooling our facilities. We also have a designated person to ensure that the office is using as little power during the closed hours as possible. Additional ventures for alternative power are also being considered.

Save time and trees! Avesis wants every group to become a valued Green Program member.

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