Our clients are in the best position to make an immediate impact on the reduction of wasteful paper products. Most of these paper products are not necessary in order to accomplish the intended goal of giving each covered member an exceptional level of care and service without jeopardizing the health of our planet.

Just a few steps to begin working greener are listed below.

No Need for Member ID Cards

Do you need an ID card to obtain services from your vision plan? No. The entire ID card package contains a good deal of paper products that can be eliminated due to the fact that they are not needed to receive services. Our providers are trained to verify member eligibility before services are rendered. Individuals are only required to identify themselves as Avesis Plan members.

Online Administration - Easy, Convenient and Paperless

With online administration of your group’s benefits the need for paper is all but eliminated. Today there are paper forms for member enrollment, member changes, and monthly invoices to name just a few. These forms can all be a thing of the past when using our online enrollment and e-billing program.

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Your Opinion Matters

We hope that your organization has also developed a green initiative and are working towards building awareness throughout your company. If this is not the case, here is a perfect launching pad to get your Green Program off the ground.