Yes, you too can make a difference! Brokers can elect to participate in various programs to make an individual contribution to a cleaner earth. In addition, brokers can begin to pass this cleaner way of doing business onto their colleagues and clients. You may feel these small changes will go unnoticed, but the collective effort will make a larger impact to keeping our planet clean and healthy.

Just a few steps to begin working greener are listed below.

No Need for Paper Checks

Brokers have the option of getting their monthly commission checks deposited into the account of their choosing. This option is secure, quick and most important of all paperless. Getting set-up is quick and easy.

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Paper or Electronic... Rates are the Same

Brokers can request to only receive electronic quotes and proposals. This data can be easily transferred to your clients for review and approval for a faster turn around time for new business.

Your Opinion Matters

Brokers have the capacity to educate their clients on the importance of reducing paper dependency without sacrificing the quality or ease of use of the benefit.