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As the impact of coronavirus grows, we would like to provide some important updates and to assure you that you are our top priority. During the public health emergency, we have made proactive outreach attempts and updated our online directories with the information received. However many providers did not respond and we have provided the results of our best efforts. If you need dental, eye care or hearing services and cannot locate a provider, please call us and we will assist you in finding a provider that is seeing patients during this public health emergency. Providers and Benefits Managers, please log into your account to learn more. Members, click here to learn more.

Benefits Managers FAQs

  • Coverage Questions

  • Can members end their vision coverage mid-year?

    Members with a qualifying event—marriage, divorce, birth, termination of employment, etc.—can terminate coverage. All others will have to wait until the next open enrollment anniversary to dis-enroll.

  • Do you cover domestic partners under the vision program?

    Yes, as long as the employer offers benefits to employees with domestic partners, Avesis will cover them.

  • What are medically necessary contacts?

    Medically necessary contacts are required when a vision care provider has determined that spectacle lenses and frames would not achieve the best vision correction possible due to a medical condition such as most cases of keratoconus, corneal trauma, post-cataract surgery, and anisometropia.

  • Can an employee elect COBRA after terminating employment?

    Yes, Avesis offers COBRA to terminated employee; however, if Avesis does not administer coverage, the employer is responsible for continuing to administer the benefit.

  • Dependent Questions

  • Up to what age is an elligible dependent covered?

    Eligible dependents are generally covered up to age 19, or, in the case of full- time students, age 26. The exact age limitations are specified in your group's insurance certificate and vary by state.