About Avesis

over 30 years of experience building solutions for more than 6000 employer groups; over 20 health plans; and numerous state and government affiliations, Avesis has been recognized for delivering quality vision care at affordable premiums to more than 3.6 million members.

With the understanding that most organizations have different needs; Avesis has dozen of plan designs to choose from. This does not mean that our clients have limited options. In fact, it’s just the opposite. One of the defining elements in the success of the Avesis vision care solutions is our flexibility to customize a plan to meet the demands of any organization.

Avesis members have access to one of the most comprehensive vision care networks available. By contracting with over 35,000 providers from private practice and retail chain locations, Avesis can deliver excellent coverage, high quality of care, and nationwide choices to our members.

Our members receive one of the best values in vision care. They have a benefit that is easy to use through the use of convenient online tools, and friendly customer service staff readily available to answer any questions a member may have.