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As the impact of coronavirus grows, we would like to provide some important updates and to assure you that you are our top priority. During the public health emergency, we have made proactive outreach attempts and updated our online directories with the information received.  However many providers did not respond and we have provided the results of our best efforts.  If you need dental, eye care or hearing services and cannot locate a provider, please call us and we will assist you in finding a provider that is seeing patients during this public health emergency. Providers and Benefits Managers, please log into your account to learn more. Members, click here to learn more.

Avēsis Advantage

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Avēsis: Now with Dental

For nearly four decades, we’ve been providing vision benefits to employer groups nationwide. We are pleased to offer dental packages, too, with bundling discounts available.

Networks: Unique, Distinct

Having three unique networks within our PPO offers members distinct advantages for lowering out-of-pocket costs and controlling their own comfort:

Avēsis Premier Dentists (APD)

Our PPO network includes our broadest number of dentists, with providers contracted to offer discounts to our members.

Avēsis Choice Dentists (ACD)

This subset of special providers offers Avēsis members more substantial savings due to our special relationships with them.

Avēsis Essential Dentists (AED)*

These special providers are found in our dental centers and usually offer the greatest level of savings.

*Available in select locations.

Member Benefits

The Avēsis Advantage PPO plan offers members the ultimate in convenience and coverage:

Large Networks

Contracted dentists in three networks

Preventive Services

Cleanings, exams, and x-rays

Flexible Coverage

Implants, composites, extra cleaning, more

Basic Services

Fillings, stainless crowns, extractions

Provider Flexibility

See certain providers for greater discounts, or keep your own dentist.

Major services

Crowns, bridges, dentures

Group Advantages

What can your groups expect from the Advantage PPO plan?

Coinsurance and Deductibles

Paid directly to dentists.

EDI Connectivity

We offer safe, secure, and compliant EDI, with extra protections.

Health Fair Presence

We’ll be there with member information, answers to questions, and more.

Bundled Discounts

Add vision to your dental package and save up to three percent.

Consolidated Admin

Choose one carrier for dental and vision, and streamline administration.

Online Conveniences

Our website will make plan administration a breeze for benefits managers.

Rate Guarantees

Multi-year rate guarantees are available.

No Waiting Periods

For groups 100+, members are covered when they are enrolled.

Single Point of Contact

You’ll get a single account manager so the one who knows the case is on the case.

And for our brokers?

How about generous commissions and bonus programs, featuring annual and quarterly perks.

That’ll make you smile.

  Broker Information

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