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Focus on the Positive
Introducing EyeFOCAL and ActiveAR

Focus on the Positive

Vision has a profound effect on outlook. That’s why we’re focused on making your vision clear and sharp. We’re pleased to introduce our proprietary EyeFOCAL lenses and ActiveAR coating—straight from the Avēsis Partner lab.

Ask any photographer: capturing the perfect image depends most on the photographer’s eye and the camera’s lens. So getting the right lens should be even more important for those who rely on glasses to read, drive, see, and live—to capture all the precious images of your life.

Custom Made Digital Lenses for
All Families


Nothing should come between your eyes and a crystal-clear view of the world, especially not your glasses!

Our EyeFOCAL® single-vision and progressive lenses are made with cutting-edge Digital Ray Path® technology, resulting in the most natural way to see.

*Pairing digital products with ActiveAR Plus UV or ActiveAR Blueshield will give you unsurpassed enhancement to your vision day and night!

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Focal Points

EyeFOCAL SELECT is a full backside digital design. The soft design of this progressive virtually eliminates your adaptation period. The digital surfacing on the back of this standard channel progressive makes the ease of wearing it much like a single-vision lens.

The EyeFOCAL PREMIUM is a customized free-form progressive lens that uses today's most advanced digital technology. This combination gives your eyes the ability to work together, creating a smooth transition throughout each zone.

The EyeFOCAL ULTRA is a personalized and fully tailored free-form progressive design. With spacious intermediate and reading areas, this soft-design lens is easily adapted to, giving you, the wearer, an effortless field of vision in any viewing zone.

The EyeFOCAL ELITE has a variable base curve that reduces lens distortion, while the HD design technology enhances the back surface to enlarge distance, intermediate, and near visual fields. The finished EyeFOCAL ELITE lens gives you an outstanding visual experience above any other.

Our proprietary EyeFOCAL® single-vision and progressive
lenses are made with Digital Ray-Path®, cutting-edge technology

ActiveAR UV is a multi-layer standard anti-reflective coating. With 100 percent UV protection on both the front and back of the lens, this coating will protect your eyes from harmful UV light and eliminate glare.

ActiveAR PLUS UV is a premium anti-reflective coating that is easy to clean and smudge-resistant. It reduces glare and reflection by 90 percent and gives you the clear, crisp vision you deserve. Pair with an EyeFOCAL digital lens for an outstanding visual experience.

ActiveAR BLUESHIELD is the perfect coating for sufferers of visual eye strain that about 70 percent of us experience. It increases your comfort and reduces eye fatigue, headaches, and blurred vision related to digital eye strain.


We love the bright light, but we don’t care for the glare. And thanks to ActiveAR, proprietary anti-glare coatings from Avēsis, everything’s clear.

ActiveAR products contain ultraviolet and BLUESHEILD technology, so they contribute to eye health by reducing exposure to harmful rays from the sun.

Glare-free vision reduces eye strain and improves vision, especially at night, when night blindness can be dangerous. ActiveAR eliminates nearly all of light’s reflection, resulting in a clearer view of the world.

Sharpen your focus, and broaden your outlook!

Ask your provider about these specialty lenses and coatings, and take advantage of our superior discounts.

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