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Member Dental FAQs

  • How-to Questions

  • How do I get an ID card?

    If you are in need of dental care services and your Avēsis ID Card has not yet arrived in the mail, you can print off a temporary ID card. Simply log in as a member, select "Print ID Card," and print!

  • How can I use my benefits?

    Your Avēsis dental benefits are outlined in your group’s Summary Plan Booklet. At any time, additional items beyond the covered plan allowance are available to you at a substantial discount.

  • How do I submit a claim to Avēsis for reimbursement?

    If you use an in-network provider, you never have to file a claim. Members who choose out-of-network providers are responsible for making full payment at the time of service. For reimbursement up to plan allowances, fill out the form found here, and mail it with your detailed receipt for services to:

    Avēsis Third Party Administrators, Inc.
    Claims Department
    P.O. Box 38300
    Phoenix, AZ 85069-8300

  • Provider-Related Questions

  • Do I have to select a dentist when I sign up for a dental plan?

    No. Once you are eligible for the plan's covered services, simply select a dentist from our Provider Directory. When you make an appointment, please let the provider's office know that you are a member of the Avēsis program. You'll need only your name and member ID; they'll take care of the rest!

  • What is the difference between participating provider benefits and non-participating provider benefits?

    You’ll save a great deal more when electing a provider who participates in the Avēsis program. But we want you to enjoy the flexibility to choose any provider you like. When visiting an out-of-network provider, you’ll pay in full at the time of service, then submit a claim to us for reimbursement up to your covered amounts. (See your benefit summary for details).

    Click here for a claim form. Fill it out and mail it with your detailed receipt for services to:

    Avēsis Third Party Administrators, Inc.
    Claims Department
    P.O. Box 38300
    Phoenix, AZ 85069-8300

  • Can I go to any provider?

    Absolutely! Depending on the plan, you could stand to save a great deal on out-of-pocket costs by visiting a provider in your plan’s network. But regardless, you have the freedom to see any dentist. Reimbursement is based upon your group’s out-of-network benefit schedule.

  • Plan Questions

  • What is covered under the plan?

    Most Avēsis dental plans are comprehensive and include checkups, cleanings, and fillings upon payment of any applicable copayments. Copay amounts and other details vary, so check your exact benefits by logging in. Should you choose options that are not covered within your plan allowance, a discount may be applied.

  • Can I receive dental care without an ID card?

    Yes! You need only your name and date of birth when scheduling your appointment. Tell the provider’s office that you’re an Avēsis plan member, and they'll do the rest.

  • If I have questions about my Avēsis plan, whom shall I call?

    We strive to exceed your expectations. Please visit our Contact Us page to submit an inquiry or find out information on how to contact us.
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