Providers: Advantages of Joining

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Avesis serves nearly nine million members, and we’re growing steadily and significantly. So joining our network means growth for our vision care providers, too, as our members are encouraged to use eye care professionals who participate with our plan.

Joining the Avesis network is free, and you are not required to give patients deep discounts. Here are some other advantages:

National recognition on our website provider directory

Plan designs that are easy to administer

Provider specialists who are available to answer your questions

Convenient tools to service members—online and IVR

Knowledgeable and friendly customer service

Fast turnaround time on clean claims

As an Avesis provider, you’ll be working with one of the oldest, most respected companies in the vision care business. That reputation extends to our national providers.

We serve more than 8,000 small businesses and municipalities, corporations and state governments, large health plans and insurance carriers. And because all these diverse groups contract with us, you’ll likely see an increase in new patients seeking quality care.

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